About Jirani Smart Ltd

Jirani Smart Ltd is a microfinance founded from the need to offer better financial and non-financial services to the poor especially in rural areas who have for many years not accessed them in a sufficient and reliable way.

Many institutions had started moving deeper into the rural areas and smaller towns serving farmers, traders and all Kenyans but later some diverted from the original agenda and target market turning their focus on technology as the only means to reach the rural clients. The mobile lending system adopted as an alternative way to financial inclusion is way far from solving the problem without physical presence since; the loan sizes are too small, the loan term is so short and the interest rates are alarmingly high. With the service providers outnumbered and illiteracy still a barrier, need arises for physical presence within the people.

Our Mission

We provide affordable, high quality financial and non-financial services to the poor in-order to increase their income levels and uplift their standards of living.

Jirani Smart Ltd is here to reach these clients at their doorstep and offer them the services in a sustainable way. We will offer them high quality loan products; business loans, agri-business loans, school fees loans, clean/renewable energy loans, emergency loans, water and sanitation loans together with savings products for individuals and groups among other services.

Our Vision

A society where everyone can afford and sustain good living standards while building assets for a better future.

The Team

Jirani Smart ltd is led by a team of highly experienced, young enthusiastic and vibrant staff.

The company is governed by the board of directors who are also shareholders in the company. The board has the ultimate decision making authority and in general is empowered to adopt bylaws, set the company's policy, objectives and overall direction

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Services Overview

We offer high quality and flexible services which are devolved to as far as your door step to ensure that you will get the sollowing in return; Food security, Quality education, Save for the future, Business expansion and Green energy solutions, leading to a generally improved living standard.

Contact Us

Feel free to visit us at our offices or give us a call at any time during working hours.

Address: P.o Box 25-80305, Mwatate
Telephone: +254722 810 781
Landline: 043 2030 183
E-mail: info@jiranismart.com