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Business loans (Group clients)

Business expansion, working capital, meeting operational expenses, purchase of business fixed assets.

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Agribusiness loans

To improve farming activities, upgrade technology, and improve food security and production. It includes also fisheries and livestock.

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Clean Water and sanitation

Financial support at by your   |   doorstep !,

Boresha Maisha

Green and cheap energy solutions to eradicate pollution. Need to acquire productive business asset or household asset which can add to their collateral in future. Eg water tanks, mattresses, jikos, solars, beds, Tv, fridges

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Supa Boresha Loans

Short term loans which assist the clients to graduate to higher loans while growing their asset base.

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Improved Living standards

Karo loans

This is a loan facility designed to help clear school fees arrears and also for new students who are reporting to school.

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Individual loans

Business expansion purpose and life improvement. Convenient for larger businesses whose owners have conventional collateral, salaried individuals with formal pay slip.

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We offer high quality and flexible services which are devolved to as far as your door step to ensure that you will get the sollowing in return; Food security, Quality education, Save for the future, Business expansion and Green energy solutions, leading to a generally improved living standard.

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