About our company

Who We Are.

Jirani Smart Ltd, is a private, mission-driven company with operations currently in Central, Eastern, Nyanza, South-Rift and Coast provinces of Kenya that provides "microcredit" to the poor and unbanked. Since 2016, Jirani Smart has provided both financial and non-financial services to people in the rural region considered "unbankable" by formal financial institutions.

Why We Do It.

At Jirani Smart Ltd, access to affordable credit is considered a right, not a privilege. Providing affordable loan facilities is a business model that will allow the company to offer reliable financial returns and significant social returns to its investors, while providing a valuable service to its borrowers. "We believe in doing well by doing good."

The Management.

Jirani Smart's management team has more than 10 years’ experience in the microfinance industry. They have worked together for years and their track record proves that they have the necessary skills to guide the company as it expands throughout the country.

The Customers.

Jirani Smart's customers are individuals who are not in an economic position to secure funding from traditional financial institutions. The majority are small-business owners (rural based) and farmers. The company has a strong lending history in the rural areas, and it plans to solidify its reputation within this market. The company projects that in the near future, its customer base will be an equal split of micro, small and medium-size business owners.

Our Mission

We provide affordable, high quality financial and non-financial services to the poor in-order to increase their income levels and uplift their standards of living.

Our Vision

A society where everyone can afford and sustain good living standards while building assets for a better future.

Our Core Values: 1.Integrity    2.Customer Oriented    3.Teamwork    4.Innovation    5.Timeliness